Creative Arts Conference

SPARK Creative Arts Conference

Date/Time: September 30 from 6:00-9:00PM to October 1 from 9:00AM-12:00PM

Location: The Block (755 Oak Avenue Parkway)

Extra Activities: Pre-Conference Pizza Party on Friday from 5-6PM. Late Night Campfire Show on Friday from 9:15-10PM. And Early Bird Coffee and Worship on Saturday morning from 8:15-9:00PM

The Show: Join us at the 6:30PM student gathering on Saturday (10/1) in the Block for an art show displaying all the creative talent from the conference. It’s free and open to everyone!

The Store: We are stocking up on t-shirts, custom hats, art and music supplies, specialty drinks, and snacks. (Cash and cards accepted)

Registration: $45 (please read details below before registering)

 (Registration has closed)


Details: Thanks for your interest in attending the SPARK Creative Arts Conference! We are excited for you to be inspired, develop skills, and spark your creativity. This conference is our way to raise up young talent and empower the next generation of artists and musicians.  Now a two day experience that ends with an art and talent show during the Saturday youth gathering. We are offering more variety, better options, creative experiences, pre conference and late night festivities, just to name a few. We are doing a lot of new things this year so please look at this info carefully before you register.

We offer a variety of workshops for every interest. Students can choose one workshop option each breakout session (4 breakout sessions over the conference). All workshops are open for any skill level and provide all equipment and materials needed, unless you are taking a class that requires an instrument or camera. Many classes are offered multiple times. You will choose only one workshop option for each Breakout. We recommend making a list of your workshop preferences before registering as the system will time out after 20 minutes.  


Workshop Descriptions:

Art – Visual Art – Meaningful abstract art inspires the artist and the viewer to think, feel, and perceive. Come create an original piece and learn how we can glorify God with our creativity. (Offered Breakout 1 and 4)

Art – Graphic Arts – Come check out the process of creating digital arts using programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. (Offered Breakout 2 only Class Full)

Art- Culinary – Learn to hone your culinary gifts, and how to use your gifts to serve others. Plus you get to create and enjoy some great food. Limited space available. (Offered Breakout 1-4, Class Full during Breakout 1,2,4)

Music – Beginning Guitar – Guitar is an important element in music, but also a great starting point for any musician. Come learn about the instrument, and how to play a few songs. Please bring your own guitar. (Offered Breakout 2 only)

Music – Vocals – Learn about the importance of correct singing, technique, and sing some songs together. (Offered Breakout 3 and 4)

Music – Drums – Get familiar with the drums and learn the important role a drummer plays in a band. Beginner and intermediate levels welcomed. (Offered Breakout 3 only)

Music – Piano/Keyboards – Learn the techniques of playing piano/keyboard in a band, and have some fun with an assortment of keyboards in this workshop. (Offered Breakout 1 no longer available)

Music – Bass Guitar – Learn the basics of the bass guitar and how it fits into the rhythm section of a band. Please bring a Bass Guitar, beginning and intermediate levels welcomed. (Offered Breakout 2 no longer available)

Music – Production/Tech – Learn the basics of the work that happens every week behind the scenes from our very own production team. We will learn sound mixing, lighting design, and computer presentation graphics. (Offered Breakout 1 and 2) 

Music – Song-Writing – Come learn from experienced song-writers as we explore the art of writing songs. (Offered Breakout 3)

Art – Photography – Capturing – photos is an amazing, and powerful form of art that can invoke memories, feelings, and much more. Learn the technique of capturing God’s creation through pictures. Please bring your own camera(Offered Breakout 1, almost full)

Art – Photography – Editing – A follow up workshop to the Photography workshop held in the first breakout session. Get ready to dive into editing your photos hands on, and making the most out of your skills. (Offered Breakout 2)

Art – Video Production – Video is one of the best ways to tell a story. Learn how to plan a storyboard, film, and capture sound with all the fun gadgets. (Offered Breakout 3)

Art- Video Editing – A follow up workshop to the Video Production workshop held in the third breakout session. Learn the process of cutting, splicing, editing, animation, voice overs, sound correcting, and more.  (Offered Breakout 4)

Performance Art – Dance – Learn how to use the art of dance as a creative expression, and an act of praise to God. We will go over multiple dance styles, choreography, and get moving together! Beginner and intermediate levels welcomed. (Offered Breakout 2 -Hip Hop, and Breakout 3- Contemporary)

Performance Art – Acting/Drama – Great characters stick with us, great dramas can move people. Learn how to develop the art of live storytelling and character acting, as we create a skit together.  (Offered Breakout 3 and 4)

New Workshop Classes:

Performance Art – Comedy – Everyone loves a good laugh. Learn how to find humor in every situation, develop your stage presence, and begin to craft your own comedy routine. (Offered Breakout 1 and 2)  

Art – Interior Design – Is your room, or your home, ready for a makeover? Learn the thought and craft that goes into picking great pieces, textures, and colors that really bring out your personal style and give you the look and feel you want for every room. (Offered Breakout 3 Class Full)

Art – Woodcraft – Learn how to craft amazing things with scraps of wood. From design, to building, to finishing. Learn techniques and best products to use for painting and staining, and walk away with completing your own woodworking project. (Offered Breakout 4, almost full)

Art – Creative Writing – Explore the elements of crafting a great story and learn from experienced writers on how to express yourself through the art of writing. (Offered Breakout 4)


Conference Schedule:


5:00PM Check In (Pre-Conference Pizza Party) 

6:00PM General Session 

7:20PM Breakout 1 

8:15PM Breakout 2

9:00PM End

9:15-10:00PM (Late Night Campfire Show)  


8:15-8:45AM (Early Bird Coffee and Worship)

9:10AM Breakout 3

10:05AM Breakout 4

11:00AM Closing General Session

12:00PM Conference End